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About Me

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I enjoy each day that intertwines my love of encouraging others, education and living life with grace! 


I have always loved teaching and learning. I say I have education running through my veins!  My Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees are all in education. I enjoyed every minute of the hard work I put in towards each degree. Working hard and facing challenges gracefully have helped me become who I am. 

My love of encouraging others probably stems from my love of teaching. I enjoy seeing others light up when they learn something new or overcome a challenge in front of them.  I love sharing good thoughts to inspire or encourage the people I meet along life's journey. I want others to find joy and grace along the way too! 

Some of my favorite things will be shared through blog writing and on my site including my love for feeling good, fashion, gardening, antiquing, paper crafting, road tripping, hiking trails, reading, and creative writing. 

Hope you enjoy our journey together! 

living with grace, 


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