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Be a little wild! - flower

Wildflowers just seems to show up! Just an unintentional kind of beauty. They don’t appear to follow any kind of rules, they just decide to join in.

Wildflowers are often amongst a big patch of weeds. Yet, wildflowers don’t let the weeds stop them from blooming. The plant grows and just does that amazingly beautiful next step, without reservation they bloom freely.

Driving down roads, sometimes you will come upon a patch of sweet wildflowers. They are just there in all their glory popping up to bring happiness. Wildflowers just do that. I know when I see them, my eyes are drawn to their splendor and a part of me just smiles feeling a little happier.

Wildflowers come up out of the earth not asking for attention but sharing with the world their sweet beauty. They may not be as delicate as a rose, perfectly separated as a carnation, or gorgeously huge like a hydrangea but they have their own kind of unexpected beauty.

We can all share the wildflower philosophy. It’s real easy - share unintentional kindness and beauty to others. Offering a kind word To a clerk at store when you see they are clearly exhausted. Encouraging a mom who’s real tired! Taking time to talk to your own elderly parents. Calling a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.

Taking time to call your own adult children even if they don’t answer! Listening and supporting your coworkers on a bad day. Tipping a young person who is working a little more than expected. Buying someone a coffee just because.

In between the weeds and challenges of life, being an unexpected wildflower could just change someone’s day, week or year.

Be a wildflower!

living with grace, tammylynn

credit @coolcatdigital Wood Cut Earrings: @love.lindsey.wheeler Clothing: @lularoe #lularoelivtee #lularoe #lularoelindsaykimono Necklace: one of my old favs

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