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Sit a Bit

Historically, the front porch has always created in our minds the iconic place to sit a bit. American homes in the 1800’s began the trend of front porches. The porches were built on homes as a place to have shade from the heat and became the place for families to gather. The front porch was the place to sit a bit to sing, talk, read and watch children play. As the changes in homes developed, central air became more common and more vehicle traffic increased, thus resulting in the front porch time transitioning to more inside time and fenced back yards. It may seem like a lost art of sorts yet looking at new construction we see some return of front porches. A sign that people still want and need that connection with others and to simply relax.

I think we all crave a little bit of that time to sit and relax. Our fast paced world has taken us far from the days when folks sat with grandma snapping green beans! If you ever had that experience, I know you are smiling right now. That’s when you learned old family stories and got the best advice ever.

Even though life has changed, the time to sit a bit still is important to each of us. It’s time to slow down and still our busy minds. It’s a time to chat with family or friends. Think about a stop at a Cracker Barrel, people always gravitate to those rockers and a good game of checkers!

Even if that front porch or bean snapping has become in today’s world, a vacation or a day at the beach, it’s still a much needed part of life.

Find time to sit a bit. It’s real good for the mind and soul.

Living with grace,


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