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Really Thankful

It’s such a great time of year around Thanksgiving. The season of the holidays begins as the thanksgiving door opens up to memories, laughter, gift giving, family and fun.

Often times the normal Thanksgiving question comes up in conversations at home or with friends. What are you thankful for this year? We ask each other, we listen to other’s responses and we all reflect a bit.

I think this year in 2020 the thankful question creates a time for all of us to really reflect unlike we never have before. It seems to be thankful has a new meaning now. This year it’s more than the normal responses of family, health, job, food to eat....I could go on but each of these brings with them a deeper meaning this year.

This year just in my own life I have faced so much. After months of declining, we said goodbye as my sister went on to heaven. She left us way too soon. I have watched my friends and family face serious health issues. Seeing so many face job and financial related issues is heart breaking. I held my sweet 11 year old Golden Retriever as she went on to puppy heaven. The list this year is filled with more than the than normal life seasons of change.

We all have had a year that is not what we ever thought it would be in 2020.

So this year I have to take time to reflect on being really thankful. Reflecting on what I do have, cherishing precious memories and finding blessings through it all.

Through all of life’s challenges, seeing the good, the grace and the joy is what keeps all of us going.

Really thankful for my hubby, my boys, my work, my home, and the joy I have from seeing others happy. While this list seems almost like my thankful list from Thanksgivings past, it’s at a deeper level of thanks now. It’s a thankfulness that comes from knowing the world can change around us in an instant and that we all need to cherish each moment, each day.

What are you really Thankful for this year? Take time to reflect and feel the blessings in this moment, this day.

living with grace,


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