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Falling for Fall

There is just something special about the time of year when fall sets in. I realize most you know I live in Florida and fall takes it’s sweet time getting here! While the season is short here in Florida, the feels are long!

I am referring to the feeling of fall. I truly fall in love with fall every year. The first cool morning creates an open door for me to pause just a little longer. The colors in the trees (in the north that is) just do something to me.  They make me smile from deep inside. Orange, yellow, and reds, all the beauty of nature bursting for us to view as the window opens to fall.

When I walk in a store and see the first pile of pumpkins, drive past a pumpkin patch and see fall decorations in stores it just makes me take a deep breath and mentally say, ahh. It’s a feeling of normalcy in the world. The seasons remind us there are changes in life just as the leaves change and the temperatures change.

Life itself is ever changing yet seasons create a consistency through it all. A consistency that brings all of us a little peace. Fall comes in, winter follows, then the beauty of spring and the long days of summer, each season bringing its own spirit and memories. The seasons allow us to look forward to the next transition each year in life that brings us joy.

The sweetest part of fall for me is more than the feeling of fall but what fall seems to give us. Fall is a gift. It’s a little reminder to relax, snuggle up with a blanket on a cool night, sit by a fire pit, play outside, go for a long walk with a cool breeze, ride with the windows down, and just breathe in the cooler weather.

Let yourself fall for fall this year!

You deserve it, you need it. We all do.

living with grace,


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