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Old Wise Words

Have you ever heard that old phrase, I’m on the fence? I think it was a way for people to share to others that they need to think through something before making a decision. You know, good solid think time.

Saying to yourself, do I jump on a decision or do I wait, is when you are on the fence. I think sometimes in life we have to remember we don’t have to jump the fence right away. We live in such a fast paced, always moving world. Reflecting sometimes is good. Slowing down to make a decision is giving yourself permission to think on it.

There’s another old phrase, “let me sleep on it.” That works too! Sleeping on a decision often provides us more clarity. A fresh view.

When making decisions, let’s say you realize you are “on the fence” and you have taken time to “sleep on it” then there are a few more wise words from our elders to help. “Follow your gut” and that “in a nut shell” is real good wise advice. Everyone says your gut is always right. That inner thought always knows.

Makes me wonder if we should remember and continue to use some of the wise words of our prior generations.

I know am “on the fence” about some things in life. Calling on the words of those who have come and gone before me, I will take time to think and then follow my gut.

I sure love old wise words. Hope they resonate with you too.

And, if you are following my mini blog, the website launch,even though it will be just a beginning is coming the end of September! I was on the fence about launching it without all the tabs complete but decided to follow my gut! It’s coming real soon!

living with grace, tammylynn

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