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Self Care Escape

Have you ever heard someone say you can’t escape reality? Maybe not forever, but small escape moments are certainly a must!

Life has a way of bringing us down at times. It’s the peaks and valleys of life. We all have certainly realized this in the current year of 2020. I have said myself many times this year, it’s just too much!

When life feels like this, we all need to remember that self care is more than important, it’s needed. The juggles of life often prevent self care. No matter what phase of life you are in, it’s real hard to carve out time for just you. Your own self care hardly ever makes it to the calendar. We all have to find time and plan for a self care escape. Finding  your own self care sweet moment is about searching for an hour, a day or even a get away to recharge your soul.

My greatest escape for my own self care is fresh mountain air and going off the grid. I can’t stay off grid too long but it is the best self care ever! My self care get away consists of a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee, hiking trails with my dog, jumping rocks through streams and hours with no internet, no cell service - just time to escape and get back to nature and peace. While this only lasts a few days, it does something to me. I breathe, I feel my body become less tense and I slow down.

We all have to take time to escape to a self care place and let the worries of the world simply stop.

Find your escape - salt in your toes, listening to the ocean, a bike ride, a full day of reading, finding a state park to walk away from the noise of life, a massage, a camping trip, or just a bubble bath with no one knocking on the door!

Whatever your time is in life right now, just don’t forget about you.

Self care = health care

You are worth an escape. Life will still be waiting when you transition back to reality. In that short escape, you will have given yourself the greatest gift, time to recharge and renew beautiful you.

living with grace,


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