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Standing Strong

Do you ever feel like everything is coming at you at once?

Life has a way of doing that to us. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “when it rains it pours.” Well sometimes it just feels like a full blown hail storm!

When storms come my way, I try real hard to stay strong and find a lesson in the chaos. It’s certainly not easy. Sometimes I even feel like giving up or in, whatever the case may be. Yet, I have learned that doesn’t bring me through the storm or help me grow at all!

In the stormy times of life, even if you are able to try and stand strong, it's still hard. We all have times when we need to lean a bit. Learning to lean on others allows us to have a support system that helps hold us up. People who give you steadfast support when you need it are in your life for a reason! I believe our journey through life prepares us for the storms when they come our way. We cross paths with people who become our helpers, our lean ons, our safe place, our strength, and our shelter in the storm.

Your storm becomes part of your story too as it's a journey that is filled with peaks and valleys. While traveling along, it may be tough as nails some days but there is always another side. A clearing comes on the other side of every storm. The other side of the storm is where growth and experience live. We all get there. Then, we become the shelter for someone else because we stood strong and rode out our own storm.

Stay standing strong, lean on others when you need to and know you’ve got this. Storms pass, life's skies open up, and the light of peace will shine again.

living with grace,


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