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Starting Over

A couple weeks ago I was finalizing my new website, or so I thought. I had a vision of what I wanted and created the pages.

I kept thinking in my gut it wasn’t quite right. And, you know when your gut tells you something you are suppose to listen!

Then, I had some more new ideas but those weren’t right either. Frustration was setting in. I shared my thinking with a few others and that helped especially for one page that I am really excited about! Thank you, you know who you are!

The need for perseverance had to set in! My “you got this” mindset came on strong. And, I had to admit to myself that my original vision just wasn’t right. It needed a re-do!

You will never believe this...I started completely over. Sometimes it’s hard in life to admit when you just have to scrap something and start over.

Many business started off different than they are now. Starbucks original vision was to have coffee shops that were similar to Italian Coffee shops with waiters wearing bow ties and opera music playing. That didn’t work for the market in America so they went back to the drawing board and eventually created the popular Starbucks we know today.

Starting over, processing, perseverance and hard work. Those words are music to my ears!

Often I think we look at starting over or redoing something as failure and we live with regret and sadness. Starting over can be a fresh start, a time to learn and grow and a time to accept that making mistakes is an open door to the path of accomplishments!

My new web design is almost ready! A little more page adjusting and I think I will have it! This version feels so good, it makes me smile deep inside. It’s me. It feels right. So much more than Version 1.0 ever did!

I am hoping the site will bring you a deep inside smile too and a place to find a little grace. Coming soon!

living with grace, tammylynn

credit: @tripleknotproductions Clothing: @lularoe #lularoeryane Bracelet: on repeat from my closet

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