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Wide Open Spaces

Sharing from my Reflection Saturday mini blog on Instagram @tammylynnlife

I am mesmerized by wide open spaces. It just does something to me. I simply savor them.

If I am driving and see open land, I just have to stare for just a moment. Then, I wonder how long will it be before it’s gone.

This picture was taken just a few miles from my house. What you don’t see is the encroaching homes, malls and restaurants. There are cows in this field not knowing anything but this is their land.

I love progress and building of communities. Yet here I am a rural girl in this city world just hoping we can hold on a little longer.

There is peace in this space of carved out solitude. An untouched open space that is an invitation to slow down.

We all have that peace place. You know when you are there. It’s a deep breath and an sense of calmness in your mind. I know for some it’s being on the water, the beach, the woods, the mountains (which I crave too!), or just a peaceful back yard.

Find your wide open space. Step out of this concrete filled world to your place of peace. It’s calling you there, go!

Living with grace, tammylynn

credit: @coolcatdigital

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